Live Music

Live music
Skywalker Swing Trio: A band that emerged in the hectic streets of Laguna in 2012 with the purpose of filling them away sound over time, such as the Paris of the decade of the 30s A proposal to vindicate the energy, grace and honesty of that paradise (music) lost.
Friday September 19, 2014

Sally & The Shakers: A band of rock and roll classics interpreted versions of this musical spectrum and its mutations. Live is a waste of energy and frontwomen frontline musicians covering exelentes rear.
Friday September 19, 2014

The Coquillos (Gran Canaria)
The Coquillos (1990) are the soundtrack of canaries. After 9 years of inactivity return to the stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of perhaps the most international of his repectorio song "Drunk Till Dawn". Los CoquillosThe Coquillos began in the early 90s with songs catchy beats and simple lyrics, easily connected with the canary public. concerts, intense and energetic, dragged behind a legion of followers who accompanied the group in every corner of the islands where act.
Friday September 26, 2014 Park Carias Islands (22:30)

Fran Band Shuffle and Divide
Fran Band Shuffle and Divide born a summer of 2009 in Tenerife, the result of mere chance. After a fully active period since then, the band has pisado Fran Barajaprácticamente toda la geografía canaria. Destilan rock bizarro, término con el que han designado a su música, puesto que, teniendo como base el rock, le hacen todo tipo de bizarradas para convertirlo en un reggae, un swing, una rumba o una polka majorera.
26 de Septiembre 2014 18:00 H. Avda. Mancomunidad 5. Bar Asturias

Soul Ownerless
Soul Ownerless (1998 Gran Canaria) is the band of Rap, Hip Hop, most recognized and reference in the islands, with a decade in the ecenarios. his work known for Alma sin dueñoits wide variety of sounds, which is reflected in each of their productions.
September 26, 2014, Plaza San Ginés. Temptation 19:30 Hours

Lessus And the Family
Lessus comes from Barcelona and invites us to share the stories of their exciting moments in New York and London cold nights with lots of groove.
LessusA melodic with great stage presence and voice. The entire show, accompanied by the band that calls itself La Familia.
26 Setimbre 2014 Charco de San Ginés. 21:00 H. Tasca La Raspa and La Bulla

Little Big Rebel and His R-N-R Band (Tenerife)
Little_Big_RebelLittle Big Rebel is the stage name that is disclosed in the ecenarios Tinerfeño young singer Héctor Quintero. Accompanied by his rock trio und role Classic has dazzled with his voice and charisma.
3 October 2014 Avenida. 5 Commonwealth Bar Asturias

The Screensavers
The Screensaver is a project that aims primarily to honor the artists of the 80s and 90s, but above all, he wants to make the audience enjoy Salvapantallaque loves good Salvapantallamusic. In recent years they have acquired a personal and unique sound. And convincing showing arroyador show and staging, dynamic, fun and absolutely great.
October 3, 2014 Avda. Fred Olsen. Restaurant Gambrinus, La Botica, Blue Sea and The Brewery 22:30

Aristides Moreno
For those who do not know, is what defines it as a musical electromagnetic field takes about eighteen reverberating any Aristides Morenocosa frequencies that can be called Aristides Morenostage.
October 10, 2014, Avda. Fred Olsen. Restaurant Gambrinus, La Botica, Blue Sea and The Brewery. 18:00.h

Issuer Clandestina
Clandestine station Lanzarote is a band composed of 8 persons, born in late 2009 on the banks of the magical Caleta de Famara. A band that bases its Emisora_Clandestinaen Emisora Cladestinareggae, ska, rumba, funk and fusion of the same style.
October 10, 2014, Plaza San Ginés. The Temptation 21: 00h