Municipality of Arrecife

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Municipality of Arrecife
Municipality of Arrecife
Talking Arrecife is not just talking about the capital of Lanzarote and the smallest town of the island, but also of the chain
of islands that flank it. What gives more personality to the term is plagued coastal islands that are mostly buried during high tide. Stresses the islet of the Cross, elongated parallel to the coast, which protects the Puerto de Naos.
Next is the island of the French, which has extensive and high number of casualties around: Parsley, Aisle or Pasadero and the Wall.
Castillo San GabrielMost important, however, is the island of San Gabriel or the Castle, which supports the spring of Arrecife with its castle, built by los Herreras (in the sixteenth century and rebuilt after being destroyed by Morato Arráez in eighteenth century), former lords of the island, to defend the capital from attacks by pirates.
It is linked to the city by a drawbridge popularly called "the balls". Today is the Archaeological museum of the island.
Arrecife. The set is a unique landscape that reaches its peak when the fleet returns, composing a picture of incomparable beauty.
The capital, halfway between two major tourist centers along the harbor and near the airport, concentrates more than half of the population, which is nourished by the incomparable surrounding the coastal marine

Among the places to visit include the Castle of San Jose, home of the Museum of Contemporary Art, with works by Picasso, Miró, César Manrique Mompó and among many other painters and sculptors from around the world.
This fortress is situated to the nascent, on a small cliff, housing various recreational facilities overlooking the port of Naos and the Marbles.
Puente Las BolasAnother corner of unusual interest is the Charco de San Ginés, water into earth, where they built the shrine around which grew the first group of houses of fishermen.
This population has been changing gradually, but still retains its maritime atmosphere.
In Reef can also admire the old street line and Real, which leads to the promenade, where we find the municipal park.
Reef Marina
The Marina Reef, may emerge as new natural area protected by the Law of Natural Spaces canary. The City Council promotes its declaration as a site of scientific interest in a portion of the coastline because of high natural and cultural values ​​which contribute, in their pools of water on Earth's surface as the coastal edge.
Because of the natural shelters that provide the Arrecife belt to protect their internal waters, the Navy has historically been much Arrecife a natural harbor for ships as a nursery for marine life, housing valuable plant species.
Concur in this space also historical and cultural values​​, in addition to be constructed in the lung of spread of the city, to be a walk for pedestrians. The coastline are held traditional activities such as bathing, anchoring boats or fishing. The historic art formed by the Puente de las Bolas-emblem of the city and the Castillo San Gabriel crown this space.
CarnavalArrecife Carnival
The carnival has become one of the longest established parties that are currently among the insular society.
Its festive and casual have become a must for those who enjoy the colorful, spectacular and pure entertainment.
Arrecife is adorned each year, usually during the month of February to accommodate the carnival party and city streets are filled with color, fun and joy.
Arrecife City Council has organized a full program of activities ranging from street bands competitions, through the choice of Carnival Queen and Drag Queen, a phenomenon that has been installed at the party forever and each year brings at the fair thousands of people eager dare and naturalness of the participants.
Although the important thing is living in the streets, on the nights of carnival when thousands of people gather in their best costumes around the area known as The Almacén and fun to dance to the rhythm of healthy Batucada or live orchestra.

Fieta San GinesFiesta de San Ginés
The festivities in honor of the patron saint of Arrecife, San Ginés, held during the days prior to August 25, his name day.
Note that during the two weeks before they develop a multitude of activities for all tastes and ages, highlighting the traditional career jolateros for children in the Charco de San Gines.
The fairgrounds is located on the outskirts of Arrecife hosts an exhibition for 15 days of rides and entertainment events like concerts of these parties, election of the Queen of Festivals or recitals of traditional music.
On the night of August 25 is celebrated around most anticipated events and applauded, burning fireworks spectacular.
AlfombrasAlfombras de sal
Traditional salt carpets held every year in Corpus Christi. This celebration dates back to the 30 or so. The carpets are made with salt and dye makers and usually are performed by religious groups, social, cultural and institutions.
The main streets of Arrecife, mainly those of the old town are decorated with these authentic works of art on the asphalt that will be later by the party steps in procession.
They belong to the city of Arrecife and other districts, those of: Argana Alta, Argana Baja, El Cable, La Concha, Los Alonso, Altavista, Titerroy, Las Salinas, San Francisco Javier, Tenorio, Valterra and La Vega.

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