José Clavijo y Fajardo:biographical note

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José Clavijo y Fajardo BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE
José Clavijo y Fajardo was born on March 19, 1726 in the town of Teguise. He was the son
of Don Nicolas de Clavijo and Alvarez, a native of La Orotava, and Catalina Fajardo, born in Lanzarote.
Young Joseph goes to Las Palmas in 1736 to be educated in the Dominican Convent of San Pedro Martir by his uncle Fray Presented Clavijo, who teaches Latin and foundations of philosophy and theology.

He completed his studies with the teachings of Don Tomas Pinto Miguel, regent of the Audiencia de Las Palmas, who will introduce the knowledge of the Laws while pursuing her studies in Humanities. When nineteen he has moved to the mainland, where it will be named official 1745 Admiralty Secretariat of Ceuta, later moving to San Roque Golf as Secretary of the General Command.

He arrived in 1749 to Madrid, where he settled permanently, after being appointed Secretary to the Commander Don Jose Vazquez Priego. In the capital befriends the Duke of Grimaldi, serving in Spanish diplomacy. Will you appoint official 1750 Universal Office Secretary of War, beginning then to write its General Survey, historical and chronological Army and military branches of the Monarchy, completed in 1761 and immediately handed over to Carlos III, earning his esteem.

In 1754 is intended to Ceuta with the position of Assistant Store Guard Artillery and a year later he had begun his famous critical items within the style and genre satirical speeches characterize the Thinker, the work of the governing its publication since 1762 and since 1773, the historical and political Mercurio, who had previously been in charge Tomás de Iriarte and was inspired by the French Mercury. The publication of this latest newspaper (played until 1779) was commissioned by the Minister Grimaldi, on behalf of the first Secretary of State. On the other hand, being named official 1763 State Archives, the king had granted a special privilege and private for our weekly publication. Very probably, would have the help of some collaborators in the work of writing.

In his intellectual work includes translations of French plays, as he was appointed director of the Theatre Royal. Between 1756 and 1761 he had traveled in various towns and cities of Spain, later moving to France. In Paris, know the great naturalist Buffon, mayor of the Botanical Garden in the years of Louis XV. Contact with others also illustrated and encyclopedic, so its critical rationalism is supported by the French.

Also influenced the military state edition Spain and the Outsiders Guide, drafted while works such as The Court of the ladies and the Pragmatics of estrus. In his role as Secretary of Public Cabinet of Natural History, as well as translating Buffon's Natural History, collected material for a Castilian Dictionary of Natural History. The aforementioned center finally received appointment as director in 1800.

His death took place in Madrid on November 3, 1806. La Gaceta de Madrid from May 1, 1807, giving news of his death, he devoted more laudatory phrases as a writer and as a subject of the Spanish Crown.

The literary and scientific reputation of Don José Clavijo runs parallel to the seducer. The French writer Caron de Beaumarchais had two sisters living in Madrid. The majority was married to an architect, while the lowest, named Maria Luisa, promised in 1763 to Clavijo, who a year later broke his promise of marriage. The ladies then asked for help to his brother, then a court favorite and French, who came quickly to use all his influence and make the Lanzarote, or keep his promise or batiera duel with him. After a series of swashbuckling episodes eluded both possibilities, but at the cost of temporary dismissal of the Court and of their place in it. Even until 1767, would publish the Thinker.

Belinda Rodriguez Arrocha a degree in Law from the University of La Laguna.


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