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Jesús Soto biographical note
Jesús Soto
Jesús del Carmen Soto Morales was born in Antigua (Fuerteventura) on December 25, 1928, which explains to
be baptized as Jesus. He did his military service in Lanzarote. He was then between 19 and 20 years. It ennovia Lita on the island with Emma, ​​a girl from The Sprig.
When finished military service returns to Las Palmas and back to Lanzarote, then had 25 years.

In Lanzarote, Jesus was staying at El Refugio, a budget hostel that also served meals. On November 7, 1954 Lita Emma and Jesus are found and that same day, he asks if you want to marry him. They were married on December 23 of that year.

Sometimes, Jesús Soto is not even news in the public despite being perhaps the most important person on the island in the early sixties of the last century. It seems that in his human condition take embedded a code of behavior that forbade any ostentation or vanity. Just press is reflected in the activity. Appears very little, but not enough, because it is the person who sets up an aesthetic sense by which serious Lanzarote widely recognized and admired.

In the house of Jose Ramirez sat around a table, the master of the house himself, Antonio Alvarez and Soto. Following the success of the intervention in La Cueva de los Verdes, Lanzarote asks whether is able to project to the world. It is at this meeting where Soto himself proposes Manrique convince to come and stay on the island, considering the fact that Caesar is starting to sound internationally and could be a good claim. Before the arrival of Caesar dream continued its course without deviating. Jesus Soto is hired by the council on April 30, 1965 to bring the technical and artistic direction of the Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua. The April 15, 1966 the contract was renewed and responsibilities are delivered on the Gulf, Fire Mountains and River Battery. In 1967, Jesús Soto is already listed as an officer, with the rank of Master Arts.

The works of the Cueva de los Verdes were completed in 9 months work. Legend has it that Jesus Soto placed in the Cave requested bulbs and secretly covered in darkness, also developed an installation of light and sound. The day the council members went to see the play entered bulbs lit by a good stretch of the Cave. Then the lights were turned off in the dark leaving the party soon showed fear as he had to move in the volcanic tunnel without getting hurt. Soon, as if in another dimension, the group began to hear a music, stood still in the dark over the value of the notes. Spring, Vivaldi, sounded for the first time on a volcanic tunnel. Soon, music that attended, as the group of people the birth of the Cave of the Greens

Jameos In Jesus Soto takes over and takes the work from the start demolishing the fact by not being in line with the space and, above all, safety.

Jesus Soto and his team perform the works of Jameo called Chico, ie from the current entrance to the descent to the lake blind crabs and opens on January 15, 1966. It is also he who years later, Luis Morales performed the path along the lake to the dance floor. It is fully incorporated in the team since 1968, César Manrique, who soon assumed, together with Soto, a role manager.

The Route of the Volcanoes was the challenge that the artist took over and came to signify his consecration as a familiar environment. He knew of the vulnerability of space, so everything had to think many times and from different perspectives. The path that seems to be executed after consulting aerial views and plans was the result of days and days watching and walking and having spent some nights. When it began to execute the work of the route, the excavator was downloading materials in a truck and the truck had to back out because it is not allowed to taxiways or other maneuvers, it would not be touched more land than that which settle exclusively the way. For the final completion of the work and present appearance of the fire mountains already has the presence of César Manrique, who teams with the original group, that is, with Jesus Soto.

El Mirador del Rio, this time, to César Manrique is essential to involve Jesus Soto and the architect Eduardo Caceres.

In the Monumento al Campesino, César Manrique developed her idea with the help of Jesus Soto, except in the work of adapting the Castle of San Jose to become the International Contemporary Art Museum, with its excellent restaurant approach and exhibit . In the second operation in the Monumento al Campesino and the Cactus Garden, Jesus Soto stepped in with its category, recognized Art Teacher.

In his artistic, external to the Cabildo of Lanzarote, Arrecife Jesus Soto designed in Simon Bolivar's Square, ornamentation and final shot of a mansion in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and called La Boite, also disappeared in the high bar Janubio.

Oasis de Nazaret, continuous occupations travel off the island, prevented Cesar Manrique could relizar this work, so Benady attends Samuel Soto, with whom he had friends, and this will solve the artistic direction of the works, the gardens , lighting and ornamental and aesthetic appearance of buildings.



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