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Historical phrases
Historical phrases
"(...) but it was a tour guide job, not a writer, whereas Timanfaya is the only place in the world, of which I know where the full meaning takes tired adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.
Lanzarote Cuardenos I. José Saramago, 1993 - 1995
"The moon on the volcanic peaks of Lanzarote, whose slopes, covered with ashes, reflecting the silvery light. Shone Antares near the lunar disk had only raised a few degrees above the horizon.
Journey to the equinoctial regions of the New World: Las Canarias. Alexander Von Humbolt, 1799 - 1804

"He immediately attracted attention ami extraordinary lava stretching down to the sea The caudla ought to have, for sure, a mile wide. Wonderful view. Huge black lava stones stacked on each other"
The Canary Islands: Its history, natural history and landscape. David A. Bannerman, 1920

"I think Rousseau and the Mountains of Fire: Correggio and in the skies of Lanzarote in Puvis de Chavannes and the port of Arrecife."
Lancelot 28º- 7 (comprehensive guide an Atlantic island) Agustin Espinosa, 1929

"Indeed, the Mountains of Fire is a little sleepy volcano, since its last eruptions do not go back very far. Was the most terrible The 1736 lava that filled the gulf Janubio and buried several villages. This is the mountain lava covered much of the island. "
Five years of stay in the Canary Islands. René Verneau, 1891

"We've come this volcanic area in every way and ascended to the heights that dominate, some of which still smoking: imagination is horrified before the appearance of this great disaster: it is a curious spectacle, impressive and sublime at the same time; would be difficult to find one more extraordinary in another part of the world. "
Natural History of the Canary Islands. Sabino Berthelot and P. Barker-Webb, 1839

"The camel was sailing through the stars, and the air was wrapped in a delicious mystery that is inhaled with joy. Supreme silence prevailed."
The Canrias Islands. A winter destination. John Whitford, 1890

"An integral Lanzarote Archeology not the tomb of Lancelot would forget."
Lancelot 28th - 7th (integral guide an Atlantic island) Agustin Espinosa, 1929

"The black sand lapilli, which initially was considered an uncultivable desert, produces a richer soil than (...) large holes are dug funnel in the lapilli. Vines are accommodated by the sides up (hole) thereby avoiding the destructive east wind. "
Daily trip to the Canary Island. Christen Smith, 1815

"The land seemed an immense goatskin, with ashy patches on the caliche.'s Volcano area, the blackness was intense and looked like a dark ocean and mineral."
Mararia, Rafael Arozarena, 1973

"The port Naos were only three or four boats anchored in those engaged in fishing in the abundant Canarias banks located between eastern and African coast. A military tower of the time of Charles III, the Fort of San Jose, defends harbor entrance. "
For the lava fields. Hernádez Eduardo Pacheco, 1907 - 1908

"Of the two shopping centers on the island, the one, Teguise, one is inside and the other Arrecife on the east coast offers coat excellent spring."
Thompson and Co. Agency. Jules Verne, 1907

"I miss the streets to draw from life. When and how I Dare size I ignore. Know I did and successfully. For my papers passed the Bridge of the balls, Royal Street, the main church of San Marcial and San José (...). "
Manolo Millares, 1960- 1965

"... highlights the very special work of Francisco Lasso, who, obedient to the imperatives of their original creative will, reveals the profound and amazing message of the Canaries where he was born, whose landscape has been unable to escape."
Revita Paris Mint. Text Picked by Agustín de la Hoz, The Province, Thursday, July 14, 1973

"Herodotus in his description of the lands that were beyond Libya, says that world ends where the sea is no longer navigable, in the place where the Garden of the Hesperides, where Atlas holds the sky on a conical mountain as a cylinder. "
Brief History of the Canary Island. Semler Alfred Brown, 1889

"Cochineal, which provides beautiful red color, is collected from the fleshy leaves of Opuntia Ficus Indica in late summer with long handle spoons, is killed in the oven and in the space of ten to twelve days are sun dried . "
Geological Characteristics of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. "Georg Hartung, 1857

"I went along to Arrecife, at a distance, the eastern coast of the island. (...) In the small village of Guatiza cactus for raising cochineal is cultivated."
Five-year stay in the Canary Islands. René Verneau, 191

"Near the windmill is an area where land is removed because in these lava plain that once undoubtedly was a fertile valley, there qque remove the soil from beneath the slag layer. Extraction has reached a depth of about twenty feet, leaving some monoliths spread lava columns that stand upright, originally at ground level. "
Tenerife and its satellites. Olivia M. Stone, 1887

"Perfectly adapted to a desperate environment, then take the cactus morphological uninhibited existence, if it can be expressed in this way."
Lanzarote. In the center of the world. Michel Houellebecq, 2000

"The main beauty of the cave consisted of lighting, light penetrating through the two side openings and breaking when it hit rocks by the rough landing ramp, until soft and muffled, as it penetrates the old  Gothic cathedrals, aal illuminate the quiet and smooth surface of the waters. "
For the lava fields. Hernádez Eduardo Pacheco, 1907 - 1908

"(...) Marine waters invade the interior of the tube, making it a small but espetacular, clear, calm lagoon waters under the soil trasparentan, forming, as we are used to seeing, for the typical jumble of block lava. "
Lanzarote volcanic pipes. Cueva de los Verdes. Federico Vilar Macau, 1967

"Fortunately, today César Manrique created in the Jameos del Agua, Mirador del Rio and his own house, all sunk into the earth, the most shining example of these theories that nothing disturbed the virgin nature of this island . "
Lanzarote, unpublished architecture. Fernando Higueras, 1974

"For example, in the Jameos for the first time, I saw a stream of light down a hole in the ceiling of the cave and clean crossed the water, lighting the background, seven meters down, apparently to the point that we could achieve with hands. "
Cuadernos de Lanzarote I. José Saramago, 1993 - 1995

"It is not easy to imagine what was the mood in the interior of this cave while ravines of blazing lava down her background in the middle of a dull rumble and a temperature of a few thousand degrees centigrade."
The volcano and the badlands of the crown. Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos. Telesforo Bravo, 1964

"Towards the northern end, there is another volcano, the mountain Corona, which is remarkable for the depth of his boiler, which almost corresponds to the height of the mountain."
Northwest Africa: the Canary Islands. Ch. Van Beneden, 1882

"The mouths of the caves lead us to high and vaulted galleries Underground enormous Cueva de los Verdes. Here are three galleries forming even as many other floors on top of each other."
The Canrias Islands. Table books. George Karl Wilhelm

"In the Cave of the Greens has been the artifice fire decorator, but with a quick action and static, leaving these forms almost instantaneous, in perpetual testimony geological architecture of this new style."
Lanzarote volcanic pipes. Cueva de los Verdes. Federico Vilar Macau, 1967

"All the way north immense lava layer in which thousands of euphorbias grow (...). Amid this wash is the famous Cueva de los Verdes, which is several kilometers long and which penetrates a depression which forms a huge well. "
Five years of stay in the Canary Islands. René Verneau, 1891

"It's dawning and the cliff-violet larger island dulzona- seems perfectly symmetrical with its reflection in the calm waters of the river of the sea."
Part of a story. Ignacio Aldecoa, 1967

"Having now reached an area of ​​basalt rock, dismounted us and we walked up to the top, which was just a few dozen yards away, and, on arrival, we were shocked to discover that we were on the brink of a precipice, with one of the most magnificent marine scenery at our feet. "
Tenerife and its six satellites. Olivia Stone, 1887

"Coming to this cliff of Famara, located by the sea, it becomes almost imperceptibly by gentle slope from the inside of the island and no one can imagine that, on the other hand, in an absolutely vertical cut, can suddenly be seen as a view air, the turquoise sea that surrounds the island. "
Lanzarote unprecedented architecture. Fernando Higueras, 1974

"From the top of Mirador del Rio, with the last sun disturbed by the haze, here referred to as haze, as if the sky were screened on Lanzarote, a thin white ash, look (...), the Graciosa Island with its between mountains nearly destroyed by erosion (...) "
Lanzarote Cuardenos I. José Saramago, 1993 - 1995

"The cloud over you go south, indicates the location of the large island of Lanzarote. Among Alegranza Lanzarote, Graciosa can be distinguished, another uninhabited island, separated from Lanzarote by a narrow channel. River and Mountain Clara, simple rock, frequently fateful for sailors. "
Thompson and Co. Agency. Jules Verne

"They say Atlante Good But I've always believed Cripple what Lancelot and -...!. Blind man and his painful that i walk the vast night of his days filling their past auroral solitary reader on woes weighed all the great despite not being able to play craps his only toy i fall! long cried useless leather and ivory. gripped the goblet threw the dice into the air. Mozaga and Nazareth. given the same goblet houses Mozaga and Nazareth. given the same Lancelótico goblet. still be seen on the walls of houses in Nazareth and fingerprints Mozaga Mr. Wizard. "
Lancelot, 28-7º (integral guide an Atlantic island). Agustín Espinosa 1929


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