Food of Lanzarote

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Food of Lanzarote
Food of Lanzarote
Lanzarote is an island full of surprises for its food, the visitor will undoubtedly take a very satisfying feeling.
Dishes stand out for their simplicity, because they are based on raw materials for processing, with very tasty results.Canary has received many cultural contributions that have influenced its cuisine. The inhabitants of Lanzarote inherited from the Aboriginal part of their eating habits. Besides Guanche heritage found on the island and South American Spanish culinary influence.

Fish is the heart of the kitchen island. With similar characteristics to the rest of the Canarian cuisine, differs mainly by the greater abundance of marine species that can be caught in its shores. Figure firstly the "Stew", a fish stew with gofio kneading, to the spicy mojo sauce adds a delicious flavor.

Another tasty fish is "old", cooked with all its scales only with oil and vinegar. The "dogfish" or "dogfish", previously dried and then seasoned with spicy mojo sauce and other sauces, is also one of the typical dishes of the cuisine of Lanzarote.

Do not forget the goat cheese, which served as an appetizer, and the ever present "potatoes with mojo."
Lanzarote is also high quality wines. Malvasia famously, high ranking.

Among meats, are that of pig, chicken, rabbit and goat the most consumed. As for baking breads are typical peanut and threaded rod.