D. Benito Pérez Armas:Biographical Note

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D. Benito Pérez Armas:Biographical Note
D. Benito Perez Armas.
Born in Yaiza on August 30, 1871 at 6 pm. He was baptized in the parish of Our Lady
of Remedies in Yaiza in the 8th book, folio 113 vt 315 ª N ª 2 of september 1871, Don Benito Ramón María de la Caridad Pèrez Amas .
Primary studies conducted in Yaiza and during his childhood he made several short stories.
In 1883 he went to Liverpool to study at a college seminar added to the high school where after harsh skirmishes decided not to return for the seminar.
1884 -85 The following year he entered the school of Don Diego was the famous school of St. Augustine, where ongoing studies for 5 years until 1888 to 1889 where he founded a handwritten newspaper called " spree " in which they called heresies teachers and those responsible for monitoring study hall . Although I never knew for sure who were the editors of the publication.

In 1890 Attracted by the fame of the University of Salamanca was the first to restudiar law course .
In 1901 was the first editor of the New People and then the conservative daily La Opinión de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In Madrid acquired with Frenchy and José Gil Blas Roca , which turned into The Curious Speaker , " illustrated newspaper which was quite acceptance " as it said in a comment on his colleague said , New People .
In 1893 he moved to Santa Cruz de Tenerife step to go Lanzarote to see his parents , intending to return immediately to Madrid to open defense in court, but the cholera epidemic suffered Tenerife at the time holding him on the island where finally he settled in Laguna fleeing the epidemic.
In 1894 he married Elena González de Mesa on August 18 the same year.
Since 1896, twenty-five years, was deputy and later president of the Provincial Government of the Canary Islands (1911 and 1913 ) .
In 1896 he is the interim body, and among elected MPs Don benito appears, for the district of Arrecife old table is formed and appointed secretaries two youngest , Manuel Velasquez Cabrera and Benito Perez Armas. He is elected to the Standing Committee of account records at that time 25 years old. On November 4, he was elected vice president of corporate voice of the provincial board of voter registration and member of committees of governance and development .
He also served as regional Teaching Canary , located in San Cristóbal de La Laguna ( 1915-1923 ) . He was full professor of the Nautical School of the Canary Islands Santa Cruz de Tenerife from 1914 to 1937. Member of Merit ( 1904 ) and president ( 1906-1912 ) of the Ateneo de La Laguna , who lived with him one of the brightest and most active stages of its history .
On April 8, 1914 he was appointed professor for real property by the subject of special maritime and commercial law of Spain international trade law and consular special Canarian sailing school .
In February 1921 having been proclaimed representative to the court was declared surplus in his office that would be surrendered finished his term on April 8, 1923 .
He died in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on January 25, 1937 .

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