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Canary words
Canary words
Alisio: Prevailing winds in the Canary Islands, whose structure is characterized by two distinct layers: lower wet and cool,
and dry and warm top.
Almogaren: Place of worship or shrine for ceremonies. They are located throughout the archipelago and are characterized by containing cups and gutters.

Sandblasting : Son lapilli layers extending over the top soil to increase crop productivity . There are two types: natural beaches such as La Geria , which were formed by volcanic ash eruptions in 1730 - 1736 ; sandblasted and artificial , made ​​by the Lanzarote farmer to improve productivity in places of great aridity.

Organogenic Arenas : Arenas consisted mainly of organic remains of seashells.

Barjanas type: dune shaped like a crescent.

Barilla : It is a succulent plant ( Msembryanthenum crystallinum ) that preferentially develops in coastal areas but also colonizes without problems to high altitude environments on lithosols abandoned or something salty and sandy substrates crops. It was used in the past to obtain soda with soaps is to , once mixed with animal fats.

Caliche : Calcium carbonate is used for the manufacture of lime.

Bowls and wells : Small holes and excavated in the rock that can communicate with each other channels. If you pour some liquid , it moves through the channels filling the holes .

Chenopodiaceae : Set of very frequent in the basal areas of the islands plants. They are herbs or small shrubs , usually succulent , which are well adapted to the environmental conditions and soil salinity of the costs, and even in degraded areas further inland, sometimes forming low bushes, quite dense , consisting of a or more species of this family. Notable formats , salted , algahueras saltflats , balancones , skewers, etc.

Cist : Crate stone used to bury the dead.

Basaltic fissure Colada : Coladas very fluid basaltic composition from fissures that are not typical volcanic cones.

Succulents : The leaves , stems and roots of some plants and semi- arid environments are presented with full of juices and fleshy appearance. Synonym of succulent .

Deflation : A process is a drain field .

Efequén : Structures of standing stones in circular or ellipsoidal , sacred or religious.

Encalichamiento : Process of formation of caliche in old structure of the relief.

Endemic : native plants of a place or area. Synonym indigenization .

Endorreic : That can not possibly run, ie no water drain.

Slag : volcanic eruptions estrambolianas product with many materials aerial projection.

Estafilitos : Accumulations of lavas pointed at the walls and roof of a lava tube by the action of heat from the lava that flows through the bed .

Stratocumulus : cloud formation associated with the trade winds, is popularly known as " donkey's belly " or " sea of ​​clouds "

Gavias : Converted to exploit agricultural runoff . Are rectangular in shape and are bordered by a ridge of earth or stone .

Glacis : relict forms that describe smooth inclined planes produced by processes of detrital accumulation side walk . They are a witness of past climatic contrasts .

Halophytes : Plants growing in saline only .

Ichthyofauna : Remains of marine fauna located in deposits.

Jable : typical beach sands that cover the central part of the island of Lanzarote Ecosystem.

Jareados : Are fish that open down the back , from tail to head (except the old woman who opens the womb ) and after salt colocársele inside is dried . This task was necessary when there were no refrigerators to keep food in a position to be consumed long afterwards. Today it is still practiced by the custom of eating salted fish some typical Canarian food .

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